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i am a million fucking bucks.


I'm eighteen years old. I like to think I act like a mature & responsible adult. But that's totally not what I am. I do drugs,but I'm not a junkie. I drink,but I'm not an alcoholic. I smoke like a freight train & cuss like a sailor. I don't really have a sexual preference, but I'll say that "When I love, I love." {And I steal this quote from Mr. Valo}
I'm engaged to the most beautiful, loving, crazy, wonderful woman in the entire world.
I'm a romantic at heart, but I'm too immature to admit it to most people. I appreciate the little things in life. You know, staying up all night & morning toking with my BFFS, watching the sun come up, or playing a random drinking word game with my crazy fiance. I love to read & write poetry. I love to be scared. I spend wayyy too much time ghost hunting, reading scary stories, and watching horror movies. I have a warped sense of humor. I find amusement in things that most people find disgusting. I have four best friends ; Skylar, Kacinda, Wessley, & Amanda, they're the most amazing bitches in the entire world<3. I have a lot of dreams for my future, but I have no idea what I'm going to do. I'd love to do makeup for horror movies, do something in the medical field, be a teacher, travel the world, among about a billion other things. I love tattoos & piercings. I've had 4 facial piercings{Monroe, lip twice, nose}, but now I only have two {Plus a bunch of holes in my ears=p}. I have one tattoo, a heartagram on my left wrist. More to come. I like to try new things with my hair a lot. Colors, cuts, styles. I have an obsession with Hello Kitty {& as you've probably already noticed} the band H.I.M. I don't watch much tv, but when I do, I watch : House M.D, LA Ink, Spongebob, [ADULTSWIM], reruns of Viva La Bam =D and pretty much anything medical on TLC & Discovery Health. If any of you are still reading, and you don't think I'm a total drag, go ahead and add me. I love new friends. All I ask is that we share some common interest, and
comment on my FRIENDS ONLY page.

freak. stoner. addict. lover. hater. fighter. dyke. devil worshiper. weird. fatass.
whore. fake. slut. skank. trouble. bitch. arrogant. ignorant. alcoholic. conceited. hypocrite. raver. hippie. punk. goth. childish. immature. boring. exciting. creative. independent. faggot. mansonite. ghoul scout. maggot. korn kid. shadow soldier. juggalette.
everyone's gotta be something i guess ;D

♥ Credits ♥

sweetchild85 @ poisonedlayouts for my beautiful Ville Valo layout.
jeneypeney @ razrbld_graphic for my HIM colorbars.
charlottesicons for my Bam Margera & Ville Valo FO banner.

, 30 seconds to mars, a beautiful mind, a7x, adultswim, alliance, amanda♥, avenged sevenfold, b-rated horror, bam margera, beanies, bloodhound gang, brand new, buddha, buddy neilsen, burton, candles, cky, coffee, cradle of filth, crosses, dani filth, daniel lioneye, dark light, ddr, drawing, ds&bh, ed elric, faeries, family guy, fight club, fingerless gloves, finland, finnish bands, fooly cooly, freezepop, ftw, fullmetal alchemist, gas lipstick, gir, girl gamers, girl interrupted, girly stuff, glitter, gnarkill, good books, good charlotte, guitar hero, harry potter, heartagrams, hearts, hello kitty, helsinki, him, his infernal majesty, hollywood undead, horde, horror, incense, invader zim, jack off jill, jackass, jess margera, jesus, johnny cash, johnny knoxville, kawaii, kill hannah, kinky stuff, korn, lacuna coil, lesbians, lightning bolts, like a wirgin, limewire, linde, lotr, love, love letters, love metal, magick, marijuana, marilyn monroe, mige, mindless self indulgence, my friends, myspace, night elves, peaches, penguins, perfume, pot, potc, pretty things, rain, rainbows, razorblade romance, requiem for a dream, resident evil, robot chicken, rock band, rod stewart, root beer, ryan dunn, sailor moon, sanrio, scarves, senses fail, sex, shiny toy guns, silly straws, sir christus, sour skittles, stars, stoner girls, sushi, swedish fish, sweeney todd, taking back sunday, team edward, techno, texting, the almighty tallest, the beatles, the dudesons, the lost boys, the nightmare before christmas, the secret window, tim burton, toast, tomb raider, turbonegro, twilight, venus doom, video games, ville valo, viva la bam, weed, westchester, wicca, wildboyz, willa walo, william herman light, witchcraft, world of warcraft, zacky vengeance, zilla zalo, zim